I’m Inge Sarathulsingh and I’m accomplished in physiotherapy and acupuncture. Through my work I have found that the core to most of our physical and emotional  ailments is in our thinking, because our thinking then leads to what we are feeling and consequently experiencing.

I now specialize in working with 50+ women, as I know what it feels like to be stressed and constantly have the feeling it’s all too much and not know how to deal with all the challenges and stresses confronted with. Especially what to do with all those reoccurring thoughts of: I am not good enough, I can never get it right, no one loves me, I not worthy and so on.

I have been raised in Germany after the war, by traumatized parents. In fact everybody was traumatized and everybody was busy to deal with their own suffering. Hence love wasn’t something that was around in great abundance. I am sure my parents loved me, but it was never shown, or talked about. However, what was made very clear is that girls are not as smart as boys, don’t waste your money on educating girls, children are such a burden, girls have to look pretty, be able to keep house and smile and be obedient. With such an upbringing I formed many belief systems like I am not good enough, I am just a stupid little girl, I can never win, I am helpless, I am useless, life is difficult, I can never have what I want and so on.

Inge S

These belief systems become the basis to all our thoughts, behaviors and actions – and so I went out and created a life based on all these beliefs. I ended up feeling very frustrated and “stressed”. Completely, unaware that my “stress” is caused by these beliefs and my childhood traumas. When I reached my 50’s and menopause and the hormones not releasing the feel good chemicals anymore, but giving me the strong desire to get a grip on my life, I went out looking for relief. Relief of the constant frustration and emotional pain, the stress, I was experiencing.

I had been working as a physio in Germany and later as an acupuncturist in Australia. I had been aware that it was easy for me to release the sore shoulder, the back pain or whatever symptoms clients would present with, but they would come back with another symptom a few weeks later. I was also surprised that my general clientele was stressed and overwhelmed middle aged women.  And now I was experiencing what I had seen in most of my working life.

This work experience made it very clear to me, that I am not the only on being emotionally stretched to my limits.

In my search for tools to relief my own suffering, but also the suffering of all my sisters, I found EFT, Emotional Freedom Tapping and later hypnosis. I started using EFT with amazing results on myself and on my clients. Releasing all the emotional distress, anxiety, depression, physical symptoms, menopause symptoms and so on. I was absolutely amazed about the results I was achieving.

I then made the decision to completely focus on using EFT with my clients, as this way I was treating the true root of the emotional upheaval, which when unattended leads to all the physical symptoms.

Today, I help women like yourself release stress, menopausal symptoms, emotional traumas, as well as negative and limiting self beliefs, self doubts and self criticism, anxiety, depression and so much more. I am dedicated to teach women tools that will help to release the roots of the emotional stresses and all the challenges they are facing, to come through those turbulent years with much clarity and love for themselves. I often work with middle aged women, as it is the change of the hormones which aggravate our suffering. But truth is, that women often struggle in other times of their lives too. I am here to help women at any age.

My mission
To create a place where women can release their stresses, re-connect with themselves, connect with other women, get an understanding of the deeper causes to their emotional issues and challenges and consequent physical or menopausal issues, learn tools to release their traumas and emotions, share their joys and sorrows, learn relaxation techniques.
To show women how to listen to the messages their bodies are giving them in form of physical and menopausal symptoms and to completely transform their lives to find joy, self-confidence, clarity and peace.

Work with me
I offer online courses, weekend workshops, Thailand retreats and private sessions:

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