My Story – How EFT has helped me to Self Empowerment

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 My Story –

How EFT has helped me to Self Empowerment

I grew up as a girl in Germany after the war, meaning people were very traumatized and focused on their own emotional suffering. Love wasn’t part of my upbringing. I am not saying my parents didn’t love me, I am sure they did, but it wasn’t talked about or shown. What was clearly shown was that girls are inferior to boys, boys are smarter, boys do better at school,  you don’t waste any money on a girls’ education as they get married and have children… you don’t expect much from girls, except that they can keep house and cook and be obedient! Girls had to look pretty, be nice and smile.

With this upbringing I developed many negative and limiting belief systems. I can never get it right, I am not good enough, I am just a girl, nobody loves me and so on. These belief systems were the basis for every thought, every decision I ever made in my life – and of course in the course of my life, I had to make many decisions and not all of them were positive for me…… causing me much pain, frustration and stress. But in those days nobody knew much about it, you just “behaved” yourself and soldiered on. And so I did – until I got to my 50’s and menopause set in,  my stress and frustration were increasing dramatically,  it was so intense, I thought I was going mad.

Little did I know then – that it was the hormonal changes of menopause which create the changes in our brain, giving us this intense desire to finally, finally, finally go for our own goals, desires and needs. Not just be a “mother and women” that serves and nurtures. Little did I know that it was this intense drive, and the fact that I was desperately trying to ignore it because of all my limiting self beliefs,  that caused this incredible frustration, stress and overwhelm.

I finally started researching different healing techniques to get myself out of this incredible situation of unhappiness and frustration. But I also remembered all those women that I had treated during my years of work as physiotherapist in Germany and later on as acupuncturist in Australia.  I had watched them struggle with a similar emotional turmoil and now I was experiencing it myself, now I understood their distress. Consequently, I was searching for tools to release all this emotional upheaval for myself and for my sisters.

My search was finally successful when I found EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) and eventually hypnosis.  I realized that actually it was all those negative and limiting beliefs that had caused the unhappiness and frustration and the incredible limitations in my life.  I now know that these beliefs cause us to almost create a “cage” for ourselves – often completely unknown to us! They certainly stop us from living up to our full potential!

For the next few years I worked very hard on myself (after all my background is German and we have a reputation for being thorough!) and I was able to release many of these negative and limiting self beliefs like I am not good enough, I can never get it right, I am too stupid, who am I to think I could be successful…., I am just a little girl and so on…. And finally, step by step, I was able to find out WHO I am and WHAT I want…… and act accordingly.

Today my life is without stress, overwhelm and frustration – I am happy and full filled, I have found myself, I have found my calling…. and I feel wonderfully empowered knowing that I am good enough, I am worthy, I am deserving and I can achieve all my goals! And I absolutely love my work. To share this experience of gaining inner freedom with so many wonderful women is such an honor for me.

Believe me, when I say my upbringing wasn’t empowering at all, it was soul destroying. But I have managed to find myself and gain my freedom by releasing so many limiting beliefs, self doubts, self sabotage, traumas and self destroying behaviors.

If I can do it – so can you!!!! And it actually won’t be that hard because you will benefit from all my expertise! 🙂

I am here to help you.

The question is: Are you ready to let go of your story, let go of your past and reclaim your true self?

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