Self Sabotage & How We Can Stop This Behaviour Effectively Part 2

Self Sabotage  & How We Can Stop This Behaviour Effectively

Part 2


 There are 3 steps to breaking our cycle of self sabotage. The 1st step is to monitor negative thinking  and negative self talk, only in recognising what our thinking and our negative self talk is, can we release it and with that improve our behaviours and effectively stop the self sabotage. Having achieved that, we are a step closer to being able to achieving our goals and dreams and have a fulfilling life.

Breaking the Cycle of Self-sabotage

1.  Monitor Your Negative Thinking and Self Talk

Negative self-talk is something we have all probably engaged in at some time. We tend to do it on a regular basis which will lead to self-sabotage and with that will stop us achieving our goals and dreams.

If you allow yourself to engage in negative self-talk,  you actively erode your self-confidence and self esteem. And with every failed attempt, you “prove” to yourself that you can’t or shouldn’t do the thing you want.

And as you continue spiralling down, you become more and more frustrated, discouraged, and angry with yourself. These feelings trap you and keep you from doing whatever it is you need to do to break free.

Negative self talk is based on negative and limiting self beliefs and on lack of self confidence. The most common negative belief systems are I am not good enough, I don’t deserve, I am not worthy.

Think about what you are saying to yourself and what is going on in your head.

In order to stop self sabotage and achieve our goals we need to recognise our self limiting beliefs (I am not worthy, I am not good enough and/or  I don’t deserve )  that are underlying the negative self talk we are engaging in. In  recognizing these negative and limiting beliefs, we can release them and with that stop the self destructing behaviours like procrastination, feeling  frustrated or  lack of motivation, in fact effectively stop the self sabotage and then  go out and achieve our dreams and goals. I use EFT in my sessions and in my personal life to release any belief systems, emotions or self sabotaging behaviours.

2. Releasing negative and limiting belief systems

Releasing these negative beliefs systems is the most important step in this whole process of overcoming our self sabotage patterns of procrastination, lack of motivation, frustration, lack of self belief and so on. We can pay attention to what’s going on in our head and then make a decision not to give energy to these negative and limiting thoughts any more. It is possible to do this on your own.

However, I would say this is the long and difficult road. It will be much quicker and more effective to get support of an experienced practitioner. But, depending on our level of self sabotage we might decide to take this road with justifications like: We don’t want to spend the money,  we don’t want to waste our time or we don’t need anybody’s help.

Our negative and limiting belief systems are stored in our subconscious. They are the driving force behind all our thoughts, actions and decisions. Therefore they are affecting every aspect in our life. It is absolutely essential to clear any negative beliefs if we want to achieve success and happiness. The tools available are NLP, hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping). These tools are all great tools to effectively and quickly stop self sabotage.

The belief systems that we are holding of I am not good enough, I do not deserve, I am not worthy and so on, are attached to traumas we have experienced in our early days. These belief systems are the bottom line to any self sabotage patterns we may hold. I have not worked with a single client that did not hold any of these belief systems.

I personally love EFT because of it’s incredible effectiveness and use it in my sessions to release these negative belief systems and the attached traumas and with that stop the self sabotage.

EFT is a gentle tapping with 2 fingers on acupuncture points in face and upper body.

EFT image with words

To be continued…

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