Depression in 50+ Women and my Secret Approach!

 Depression in 50+ Women – My Secret Approach!

Depression in Women

I have been working with 50+ women in my years as physio therapist in Germany and working as acupuncturist in Australia. In both capacities and both countries I found that 50+ women are coping with a lot of stress (home/work) and a lot of personal issues.

I was still young when working as a physiotherapist in Germany. But already then it came to my attention that 50+ women are very stressed and exhausted. It made me curious. I would regularly see clients with a frozen shoulder, they would tell me about their problems, however, the general understanding at the time was that 50+ women are “a little over sensitive” because of the hormones playing up.

After immigrating to Australia I decided to study acupuncture, hoping to treat more holistically. To my great surprise I kept seeing lots of 50+ women, struggling with stress and exhaustion. Over the years I found I was able to relieve their symptoms, just as I did as physio therapist, but I still wasn’t really getting to the root of their problems. I wanted to find out what was going on at a deeper level. I studied Louise Hay which gave me a deeper understanding of the meaning of physical symptoms – how our bodies are talking to us. The frozen shoulder syndrome in Germany and Japan is called the 50 year shoulder, as it is a syndrome that is often seen in 50+ women. According to Louise Hay it is an expression of carrying the burden of life! Very interesting, don’t you think so?

Fast forward another 10 years and I have changed my treatment style completely. After coming out of my emotionally challenging 50 decade I have decided to specialise in working with 50+ women. The reason for this change was my own 50 decade being so incredibly challenging and the realisation that there is no support out there. Most therapists contribute our issues to menopause, which I find very simplistic. My conclusion is that most of our menopausal and 50+ symptoms, mental, emotional and physical are actually caused by stress and our desire to stop looking after everybody else, but to start looking after ourselves, our desires, our needs and finally our dreams. To me this new reflection on who am I and what do I want plus the continued outside stress can create depression in some women.

I now specialise in EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) and chakra stimulation. I found this is the treatment style working extremely well,  going down to the true core of the problem, physical, mental or emotional. I have worked with many 50+ women by now and I have found that 50+ women are confronted with

10 Major Stresses

1. Decline in our strength, health and energy levels
2. Decline in our youthfulness, decline in attractiveness
3. Menopause with all it’s challenges
4. Teenage children
5. Empty Nest (or children not moving out!)
6. Parents and/or in laws in need of more support
7. Loss of loved ones
8. Fear of future
9. Struggle with technology
10. Financial concerns about our future

Looking at these stresses, it’s very obvious that each one in itself is huge. However, we don’t just face one of these stresses, but most of them combined!! It is the stresses plus the feeling of being helplessly exposed to them without any tools or any support which makes this time so difficult. All this is enough reason for depression. For me depression is a deep sadness, often from the past that has not been addressed. Combine the existence of this sadness from the past with major stresses in the presence and the depression becomes acute, expressing itself in a variety of symptoms.

I found in my years of working with 50+ women that most of them are deeply exhausted due to stress and consequently have a very weak kidney pulse, speaking in acupuncture terms. In Chinese medicine the kidney energy is our primary energy. Kidney depletion is a deep level of exhaustion that can lead to disease – mental, physical or emotional. With this kidney depletion comes an adrenal glands depletion, due to the constant demand of adrenalin. Now the adrenal glands are meant to balance our hormones during menopause, but they will fail to do so because of their depletion and in turn this will cause menopausal symptoms. Can you see the chain reaction that is going on here?

In my style of treatment I address all the stresses with EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping). We cannot remove the stresses, but we can work on our response, our emotional reaction to these stresses. That’s where EFT takes centre stage! EFT is a gentle tapping with 2 fingers on acupuncture points in face and upper body to release the emotional attachments we carry in regards to our issues. Once the emotions are out of the way, we can then respond in a calm and unattached manner to the issue. Next I stimulate the collarbone point, an EFT point (which happens to be a kidney point!) and I also stimulate chakra points. With this I facilitate very deep relaxation and I stimulate the kidneys. This deep relaxation, combined with kidney stimulation and the release of the stress factors with EFT is what makes my sessions so successful. It helps women to regain their strength and brings balance and harmony back into their system.

The 50’s will always bring up stresses, but the knowing that you do have tools and support makes all the difference!

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