The Number 1 Secret to Creating a Joyful, Abundant and Fulfilling Life, Part 1

The Number 1 Secret to Creating a Joyful, Abundant and Fulfilling Life

Part 1


In this blog I will share how to achieve emotional freedom and why emotional attachment is being in negativity and therefore stopping us to receive what we desire so much.

The number secret to creating a joyful, stress free and fulfilling life is in creating emotional freedom. Of course now the question arises what is emotional freedom? Emotional freedom means not to be emotionally attached to things, people or certain outcomes of situations. Now that sounds a bit weird for most of us, right? Are we not ever so attached to thinks like money, love and people and so much more?

The point is to release the emotional attachment, the need to have it and instead create a joyful desire to have it. When we come from a needy place, we have lost it already. Because neediness is coming from lack and when we are needy we are in emotional pain. We are in negativity. In order to manifest our desires we have to release this emotional pain and the underlying emotional trauma that makes us so crave what we don’t have. Of course EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) is the perfect tool to release the emotions, any negative and limiting beliefs and the trauma.

Once we have released the trauma and the emotions attached to it, as well any belief systems around that trauma (I am not good enough, I am to dumb, nobody loves me and so on), we are free of emotional attachment, we are free of neediness.

To be continued…..
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Being a Single Mum and Dealing with the Grief of the Empty Nest Syndrome, Part 1


Being a Single Mum and Dealing with the Grief of

Empty Nest Syndrome

Part 1


This article talks about the pain and identity crises single women go through when our kids are leaving home and how do to deal with this challenging time. It is important for women to understand this is not the end – this is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, the beginning of freedom.

Empty nest syndrome can be a difficult time for parents, but is especially difficult for single women, as their complete focus was on their children.

Raising the kids on your own is a full time job, even with a partner. But doing it on your own is more than a full time job. You give it all you have and more. If you are like most women you have been going to work at the same time. Life is extremely busy and there is little time for yourself. And yes as the kids grow up there is more time, but somehow this seems to be a time of catching up. Catching up with all the jobs that didn’t get done, catching up with having a little bit more rest and catching up with friends that have been neglected for so long.

Then suddenly the kids are leaving, you are looking forward to it and you dreading it! Of course you understand that they have to leave at some stage and live their own life. And you want them to do so! But that does not diminish the pain! And it does not solve the identity crisis you are going through – the crisis of not being needed anymore. You have given it all you have for so long, have neglected yourself, have made sure everybody else had what they needed and now you are not needed anymore. And that hurts. You have forgotten who you are and what you want. So how do you deal with all this?

To be continued

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