What is Stress?


Our ancestors had tigers, bears, wolfs and other life threatening situations to deal with that caused them to experience the flight or fight response, it’s also called the acute stress response.

Mind, body and emotions are strongly linked and there is a very clear interaction between them. Our brain registers a stressor –  often a strong emotion like fear- and  a consequent physical reaction is triggered, this is called the fight or flight response. It is a physiological response triggered by our nervous system when we feel a strong emotion like fear. Fear is the normal emotion to feel in response to a danger or threat and for our ancestors it was the tiger, or the bear.

In our society today, it’s not the bear or the tiger anymore. The stress response is triggered by more complex and subtle concerns: internal threats in the form of fears and/or worries. When we feel anxious or fearful about a presentation, job interview, financial issues, relationship issues, e.g.  the fight or flight response is still triggered in our body and we experience a range of strong, physical symptoms. These symptoms are designed to temporarily change the way our body is functioning – to enable rapid physical responses, which would have allowed our ancestors to run away from the tiger. These responses include:  Increased  blood supply to brain, muscles and limbs,  thinking less and reacting more instinctively,  heart beating quicker and harder, blood pressure rising, lungs taking in more O2,  muscles tensing for action,  adrenal glands releasing Adrenalin, digestion and most organs slowing down.

This is the physical response to stress. If the stress is temporary then all the above will come back to  normal, once the stress is gone. However, for most of us stress is not temporary anymore, but ongoing and we learn to live with it. We call this long term stress.  Symptoms such as headaches and muscle tension are often directly caused by the bodily responses to stress . Long term stress is also linked to many diseases.

No part of the body is immune to long term stress and each of us will respond differently. Some of the symptoms can be depression, anxiety, personality disorders, muscular skeletal problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, heart rhythm problems, heart attack,  stroke, cancer, insomnia, obesity, skin and hair problems, digestive problems, just to name a few.

Many other existing disorders, -some say most-, are  aggravated by stress.

Stress has become the way of life for many of us.  We are aware that it is unhealthy, but we just seem unable to change this.

However,  it is possible to deal with the stress. It is possible to address those internal fears and worries. And it is possible to calm our system down with regular maintenance. Just as we take our car for regular service, we can do the same for our body! There is yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, relaxation techniques, hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping), walks in nature and so much more. But it all starts with YOUR decision.  Are you ready to look after yourself?

The Stress – Menopause Connection

AS we have heard above, fears and worries are causing this acute stress response. When we have negative thoughts like life is a struggle, Menopause is such a misery, I never have enough money and so on, we are actually increasing our stress  and we are going into fear and directly affect our Nervous System and with that causing this stress response. Persistent negative thinking therefore causes increased adrenaline secretion, which causes the Adrenal Glands to become depleted, which will cause even more menopause symptoms. Can you see the vicious circle many women are in – just because they don’t know!!!!

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Stress and 50+ Professional Women


Stress and 50+ Professional Women 

Worried Mature woman

Being a professional women in your fifties can be very challenging. Firstly, you got all the stresses of work to deal with, secondly you got the 50+ stress to deal with and between the 2 of them life can be stressful.
Let me explain – but if you are in that situation there is very little to explain, you are feeling it allright!
So maybe I should use the word clarify instead? Let’s clarify stress
stress at work. If you have a huge work schedule and you struggle to get everything done in a certain time frame, there is usually a feeling of not being in control.
That feeling often comes hand in hand with anxiety, which brings up doubts of one self, questions like am I good enough, can I do this right, can I get it right, or similar suddenly pop up. These self doubts then slow you down and make you less efficient, which then increases your stress level even more!

The definition for stress is: Emotionally stretched, strain, pressure, tension, nervousness, worry, anxiety, trouble, difficulty, distress, trauma, suffering, pain, grief, hassle.

Stress causes the adrenal glands to produce adrenalin. Now in long term stress the adrenal glands don’t get to relax, so they keep pumping out adrenalin and eventually they will be depleted. You will experience adrenal fatigue – meaning exhaustion! But it also will increase your menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats and so on, which in turn will cause more anxiety and insomnia, and more stress… Stress will also deplete the kidneys (in acupuncture terms – my background is acupuncture). What does that mean? You will experience more exhaustion, grumpiness, lack of concentration, decreased alertness, sugar cravings which leads to weight gain, coffee cravings and so on…… Can you see the vicious circle you are in?
You do know the consequences of long term stress? Heart problems, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes, weight gain, digestive problems and much more, but also more WRINKLES!! Seriously, the whole body is affected by stress; every single organ is suffering….. and is coming out of balance…… how can you possibly be feeling good????
That’s just the stress in itself!

Next we have the 50+ stress – I have counted 10 major stresses most 50+ women are dealing with:

1. Decline in our strength, health and energy levels
2. Decline in our youthfulness, decline in attractiveness
3. Menopause with it’s list of issues
4. Teenage children
5. Empty Nest (or children not moving out!)
6. Parents and/or in laws in need of more support
7. Loss of loved ones
8. Fear of future
9. Struggle with technology
10. Financial concerns about our future

On top of these ten challenges, there are often relationship stresses and/or financial stress so much more.

Did you know that 50+ women experience more stress than any other age group? Can you now see why?
When looking at all these issues we are dealing with I am not surprised at all, that 50+ women are stressed! But what is underneath all this stress is the lack of trust in ourselves. What do I mean when I say that?
See, we can’t turn life off, things will happen, stress will happen. But if we are feeling strong, solid and confident on a very deep level, we will not get so “worked-up” when things happen. We will trust that we will do our absolute best and that’s all we humanly can do. We will trust in that knowledge.
But many of us are only confident on the very surface, right? See when we are stressed, it brings up very old emotions, because stress is a “fight ‘n flight response”, which is a very deep seated automatic reaction that is happening in our body. This “fight ‘n flight response” is triggered by fear and once we are diving into the fear pot, it doesn’t stop there, our sub conscious digs all the other fears out too. And these fears of not being good enough, or not getting it right, are right there. They are old belief systems we have created in our childhood. Often we are not aware of them. However, some do pop in our conscious mind more often and if we pay attention we will become aware of them.
So what to do? There are ways of identifying and releasing these belief systems. Once they are released and out of your system, you will find an amazing lightness and relief.
EFT is a great tool to release these belief systems, as well as old traumas, memories and thought patterns. Once you have released these beliefs, thoughts, traumas and memories and they are out of your system, you will find a huge relief and you will find that suddenly, things don’t stress you out anymore. Suddenly, you feel all calm and cool! And you will stay in that calmness and with that your life will change dramatically.  This ability to stay calm and centred -to me- is one of the most precious gifts ever.

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Why the 50 Decade is Such a Stressful Time and How to Deal with all the Stresses Part 14

Why the 50 Decade is Such a Stressful Time and How to Deal with all the Stresses
Part 14


In this blog I discuss my approach to stress and EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping), which is a gentle tapping technique on acupuncture points in face and upper body. Tapping on these points while talking about any emotional issues will then allow for the release to take place. The point is to identify the underlying emotional issue that is causing the stress, if possible to identify any negative belief systems that come with the issue, as well as any negative self talk around this issue.

My Approach – continued

With my holistic approach I  release the stress with all the underlying issues, beliefs, traumas, negative and self talk. I calm down the whole body and all the organs and with that the system can return to a state of harmony and balance.

I have adapted this approach after years of working with clients as a physio therapist and acupuncturist and finally I am able to get to the root of the problem – thanks to EFT!


EFT is a gentle tapping with two fingers on acupuncture points around the eye and under the collarbone.
Words you say while tapping:
Inner eyebrow: I am ready to release and let go.
Outer eyebrow: I am okay to let it go
Under eye: It is safe to let it go

final eft pic


To be continued…

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