Turning 50

Why is Turning 50 such a Terrible Event for many Western Woman?

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Most western woman struggle with turning 50 years. So why is it such a terrifying event for us? In our western society female youthfulness and beauty is highly regarded. Still to this day, car dealership and car mechanics calendars have nude or half nude young women images.
Most of our advertisement is based on good looking young or younger women. While this situation has improved dramatically in the last 10-15 years, I think it still is safe to say that majority of our advertisement includes images of pretty, younger women, would you agree?
For us 50+ women we were still raised as typical girls, meaning we had to look pretty, be obedient, be able to do housework and be nice in general.
We were not taught to think what do you want? What would you like to do? What would make you happy? Consequently, our way of being was based on being pretty, pleasant and pleasing and the consequent attention we have received in return.
During our 40’s we see the wrinkles developing, but we still have our strength, our exuberance and we can increase the make-up. However, when we turn 50 we can’t deny it; we are not getting younger, we have crossed the half life time and we have no chance at all anymore to keep up with the younger, good looking ones – the pretty ones…. We have lost our most highly valued position, our youth and beauty!
In comparison, in Eastern Society the mature woman is still part of the extended family living situation. Their value has never been based on their looks. In the extended family they value each other and they work together as a team. The mature women are needed, they have a position and their opinion is valued.
In the west we have the nuclear families, but we spend limited quality time together as a family. We are occupied by smart phones and TV. We women, also don’t get the attention anymore because of our fading looks and we struggle to keep up with all the changes, especially the ever changing technology. Many women struggle with all this and they feel they are invisible. Turning 50 is the beginning of this new phase in our lives. Many women dread it, but it can become a time for self empowerment, when we look within and find there is so much more to us than just our youth and our good looks.It does take courage, it does take strength no doubt, but it is so most rewarding gift a woman can give to herself – finding her true inner self.



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