The 3 Secrets To Issues with Self Confidence Part 3

The 3  Secrets To Issues with Self Confidence  

Part 3


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There are 3 secrets to our issues with self confidence or lack of self confidence are:
  1. Releasing past traumas
  2. Working with affirmations
  3. Life style changes

 Secret 1:    Releasing the traumas from your past to release issues around self confidence

If you truly want to move forward and have a great life, you need to go through this process of working through your issues with self confidence. I am not saying this is a hard process, not at all; it can be lots of fun. I love this process as I believe better out than in! I see it in my clients over and over again. Their self confidence goes up as they release all the traumas and emotional issues. With the increased self confidence they trust in themselves, they believe in themselves! With that there is a new joy for life, an enthusiasm and they go for their dreams, they have goals and achieve them. And they know they can achieve them! Is that worth the trouble of going through the work of releasing the traumas? YES, absolutely!

This release of issues with self confidence can be done with EFT (Emotional freedom Tapping), Hypnosis,  Neuro Linguistic Programming and energy healing. I am sure there are more modalities out there, but these are the ones I know of as being suitable for working with our  issues with self confidence.

I personally use EFT. It has proven itself to me again and again. It is easy to learn and easy to use. I use it in all my sessions and in my personal life. Therefore, I will talk about EFT.

For me, EFT is the perfect tool for releasing any traumas, negative and limiting beliefs, self doubts, self criticism, emotional difficulties, issues with self confidence and so on. I will give you a little introduction to EFT, but I do recommend working with an experienced practitioner when working with your past traumas. You can book private coaching with me here.

EFT is a gentle tapping with two fingers on acupuncture points around the eye and under the collarbone.

Words you say while tapping:

Inner eyebrow:   I am ready to release and let go.

Outer eyebrow:  I am okay to let it go

Under eye:          It is safe to let it go


 When tapping under the collarbone, you tell your story, you talk about all your emotions, your stresses and your issues, your traumas, your issues around self confidence, your deeper inner feelings. This is the place to talk about your traumas while you tap. This process will facilitate the release of the emotional charge that is attached to the trauma, as well as the belief systems of I am not good enough and I don’t deserve. Once the emotional charge has been released you are free of that trauma. And this is the goal of the release. With time you work yourself through as many traumas as possible to achieve a feeling of inner peace. This inner peace is a feeling of being positive about yourself and the world. This feeling is a feeling of love for yourself and a feeling of  self confidence.

As I have said before, please ensure you get the support of an experienced practitioner when working through your traumas, especially if you are new to this work.

To be continued…

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