My Story

It was about 12 months ago that my husband and I had to make the soul wrenching decision to close down our manufacturing company that we had built up over 33+ years. We had downsized 3 years earlier, but the trials and tribulations were still too great. Things had been difficult prior to that, but we had always pulled through. So, just after my 52nd birthday we called it quits and closed the business.

Now what? 52, wife, grandmother of 3, mother of 3, mother in law to 3, owner of a mortgage, credit card debt, no car and no income! I had never been in this position…. And I didn’t like it!

On top of all of this (or because of all this?) , menopause struck with a vengeance! The words “it’s not worth going on” have never rung more true in my life. I knew that our kids were extremely worried about me, but really they had no idea how to help and I was so good at putting on a brave face and the words “I’m fine”,  become a bit of a mantra for me. My children are all married to wonderful partners and it seemed most of the excitement in my life was over and done with. Driving up the Mountain where we live became a bit of a game… “Will I drive over the edge or not”. It seems extreme now, but at the time it seemed a perfectly natural way of escaping my life.

I have never been a believer of talking your problems out with a stranger or popping pills, but even those choices were looking enticing, with everything I was going through – insomnia, night sweats, moodiness, emotional outbursts, it was horrific…. Like having PMT x 1000 – seriously – who needs (or wants) to survive that?

It was during a family dinner that our son mentioned he had met a lady that he was doing some work for,  who does natural healing for menopause symptoms. Being an absolute skeptic, I didn’t really take much notice, until he told me he had arranged for me to do her coaching program. Well…. That made me sit up and take notice – I didn’t have a choice now did I? Really?? I don’t want to “spill my guts” to a complete stranger about how I was feeling or my life. I have friends, family and wine for that, don’t I?,  and how could this possibly help MENOPAUSE? Well, I didn’t know Inge yet!  Inge came into my life on a Wednesday afternoon about 3pm.

Over the next 14 weeks we talked, laughed, cried and screamed together, and through it all we  tapped on some of my most inner secrets and emotions,  negative and limiting beliefs I was holding and some of my childhood traumas. By now,  I even find myself doing EFT without her. (That is her mission by the way!).  Within a few weeks I felt so much better and laughter came back to me. My anxiety was lifting, the hot flushes decreasing, the depression was releasing and life seemed worthwhile again.

I now have finished Inge’s coaching program and I am feeling really good and strong in myself. I’m sure it’s not going to always be smooth sailing, but I now know for certain,  I have the tools to acknowledge and heal the problems and emotions when they arise, instead of coping and hiding them away for the next 12 months until they explode into a life crisis again.

In those 14 weeks of working with Inge, I have made some huge self discoveries and I have had to deal with some even bigger self admissions. Dealing with my emotions, feelings and pain is very confronting, especially when realizing that  I have to own them all and stop playing the blame game.

However, I have discovered that I am 100 times stronger than I ever imagined, the business dream that I have wanting to do for so long is almost at fruition – again with Inge’s support and I feel excited about life.

We are still struggling financially, but in the course of working with Inge I have learned to appreciate what I have in life. And what life has thrown at me, has given me the best gift of all. I have “ME” back – and a very large part of that I have to thank Inge and the wonderful self empowering and trans-formative work that she does.

This is my story, but if your story is looking or sounding similar to this, dark, emotional and untenable, please get in touch with Inge – she won’t let you down. I promise.

Suzy V

I happened to run into Inge a few weeks ago in a park. I only knew Inge briefly. As we were chatting I had this incredible hot flush coming over me. I’ve had a hysterectomy 10 years ago, but still struggled with hot flushes, several times a day. Inge offered to do some EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) and I happily agreed. To my great surprise, within 2 minutes my face was all cool and I felt very relaxed and so much lighter. Needless to say that I am keen for more. Thank you so much Inge, I look forward to working with you.

Lyn W


“I recently went to see Inge because of intense RSI pain in my hands. Inge’s insight into how our present symptoms and circumstances are related to the past never ceases to amaze me. Inge used EFT to take me through a traumatic time in my childhood. I was hesitant to see the connection between my present life circumstances, my pain in my hands and my past. Inge gently persisted to give it a try. By the end of the session the pain in my hands had decreased by more than 50%. Today, I still feel a lot lighter in myself, as if some big burden had been lifted off my shoulders.

Thank you Inge, I look forward to more enlightening sessions with you.”

Ingrid G

“I love seeing Inge for my emotional and physical issues, as Inge provides such an amazing level of depth that always stuns me. Last time I saw Inge for severe nerve pain on the right side of my face. Inge took me through her process and we identified my core belief system of not being able to see and receive the support offered to me, which I needed so much for my business endeavours. Once we released that belief and the emotions connected to the traumas that had caused my belief to be created in first place, my nerve pain disappeared and never surfaced again.

My business continues to grow and I am always amazed by the level of support I receive from all those around me. Thank you Inge, I am honoured to have you in my life.”


“Inge, your ability to cut right through to the core never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for the enlightening sessions. I am amazed how much my life has changed by working with you.”

Angie D

“I felt stressed and exhausted! After the sessions with Inge I always feel much lighter and stronger again. If you are thinking of having sessions with Inge I only can recommend for you to do it.”

Sue B

“Thank you Inge for the group session, I loved it and I am looking forward to the next one. I really appreciate the feeling of peace and contentment I have emerged with.”

Irene T

“When I started private session with Inge I felt unsupported and isolated and I was very confused. Over the course of these amazing sessions with Inge I came to clarity and I learned to become watchful of my thoughts. I now feel absolutely re-connected and very grounded.
Inge’s understanding of my situation and needs, as well as her skills helped me to release my old patterns and move forward.

I cannot thank Inge enough and would highly recommend her to anybody.Thank You Inge.”

Jivana S

“I have been amazed by Inge’s ability to look right at the core of my issues. With Inge’s guidance I learned techniques to release my belief systems and emotional triggers. I now feel so much clarity, I feel more at peace, more relaxed and a lot more grounded. I appreciate your support Inge, thank you.”

Rachel S

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