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The Secret About Self-Sabotage


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What is Self Sabotage?

We all know the situation, we want to achieve something really badly, but somehow we just can’t get there. We find all sorts of logical reasons why we can’t….. why it’s not working…… and these reasons sound really good to us. And  -for the moment- they work really well for us too….because they keep us in our comfort zone. But ultimately we feel stressed, because we are not moving closer to what we want.

It’s like when you get offered the perfect job, but then you feel you do not have the appropriate skills or you live too far away, or it will be too stressful and so on.

This can be a situation in regards to your personal life, in regards to your health or in regards to your business.

This is a situation of self-sabotage! So what causes us to act like this?

The answer is in our negative and limiting self beliefs. We all have beliefs like: I am not good enough, I can’t do this, I can’t succeed, I am not worthy to make good money, I am not good at technical stuff and so on. These beliefs are stored in the part of our brain called the sub conscious mind. They are like blocks in our brain and get us to act in certain ways, ensuring that we stay within our limitations, ensuring that everything we do keeps us safe and in our “comfort zone”.

These beliefs are like self fulfilling prophecies.  Hence the saying:

“Whether You Think You Can or Can’t, You’re Right Either Way”–Henry Ford

Self sabotage is a situation where we come across an opportunity to have or work towards what we are looking for, but for some reason we are not quite ready YET to go for it, therefore we act like a horse with blinkers on, we only see what we are “able” to see within our limiting beliefs, we don’t “see” the whole story.

What is going on in our mind? Our mind is receiving 2 million bits of information every second. Out of those 2 million bits, we take 7 bits of information on! These 7 bits we then distort, generalize and deconstruct, to ensure they fit our “roundabout” of limiting beliefs!

So how do we get out of this “roundabout”? Awareness is certainly very useful. And when we have been in the “roundabout” for long enough, we sometimes do realise that we have just done it again. For some people it seems to be easier to move out of this “roundabout” and move forward, than for others. This depends on what limiting beliefs we hold and the intensity of those beliefs. Many of these beliefs were created in our childhood. Generally speaking, someone who grew up in a dysfunctional family would hold more limiting and negative self beliefs, than someone who grew up in a loving and supportive family.

Of course the question arises, what can we do about those negative and limiting self beliefs?

I use EFT, Emotionally Freedom Tapping, to release these negative and limiting beliefs in my personal life and in my work, with startling results.

EFT is a gentle tapping with 2 fingers on certain acupuncture points in face and upper body, while talking about the issue on hand. This combination of the 2000 year old meridian system and modern psychology is widely used these days, with absolutely stunning results. When tapping we are sending a calming message to your Amyglada, the part in your brain that is responsible for decision making and emotional reactions!

Tapping away your negative and limiting self beliefs and bringing in new beliefs that are filled with confidence, clarity and self empowerment will propel you forward and support your journey of achieving what you want and getting where you want to be. Releasing the old beliefs allows us to come to a point of confidence where we are certain that we can and will achieve all our goals. A point where we understand the saying:

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

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Depression in 50+ Women and my Secret Approach!

 Depression in 50+ Women – My Secret Approach!

Depression in Women

I have been working with 50+ women in my years as physio therapist in Germany and working as acupuncturist in Australia. In both capacities and both countries I found that 50+ women are coping with a lot of stress (home/work) and a lot of personal issues.

I was still young when working as a physiotherapist in Germany. But already then it came to my attention that 50+ women are very stressed and exhausted. It made me curious. I would regularly see clients with a frozen shoulder, they would tell me about their problems, however, the general understanding at the time was that 50+ women are “a little over sensitive” because of the hormones playing up.

After immigrating to Australia I decided to study acupuncture, hoping to treat more holistically. To my great surprise I kept seeing lots of 50+ women, struggling with stress and exhaustion. Over the years I found I was able to relieve their symptoms, just as I did as physio therapist, but I still wasn’t really getting to the root of their problems. I wanted to find out what was going on at a deeper level. I studied Louise Hay which gave me a deeper understanding of the meaning of physical symptoms – how our bodies are talking to us. The frozen shoulder syndrome in Germany and Japan is called the 50 year shoulder, as it is a syndrome that is often seen in 50+ women. According to Louise Hay it is an expression of carrying the burden of life! Very interesting, don’t you think so?

Fast forward another 10 years and I have changed my treatment style completely. After coming out of my emotionally challenging 50 decade I have decided to specialise in working with 50+ women. The reason for this change was my own 50 decade being so incredibly challenging and the realisation that there is no support out there. Most therapists contribute our issues to menopause, which I find very simplistic. My conclusion is that most of our menopausal and 50+ symptoms, mental, emotional and physical are actually caused by stress and our desire to stop looking after everybody else, but to start looking after ourselves, our desires, our needs and finally our dreams. To me this new reflection on who am I and what do I want plus the continued outside stress can create depression in some women.

I now specialise in EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) and chakra stimulation. I found this is the treatment style working extremely well,  going down to the true core of the problem, physical, mental or emotional. I have worked with many 50+ women by now and I have found that 50+ women are confronted with

10 Major Stresses

1. Decline in our strength, health and energy levels
2. Decline in our youthfulness, decline in attractiveness
3. Menopause with all it’s challenges
4. Teenage children
5. Empty Nest (or children not moving out!)
6. Parents and/or in laws in need of more support
7. Loss of loved ones
8. Fear of future
9. Struggle with technology
10. Financial concerns about our future

Looking at these stresses, it’s very obvious that each one in itself is huge. However, we don’t just face one of these stresses, but most of them combined!! It is the stresses plus the feeling of being helplessly exposed to them without any tools or any support which makes this time so difficult. All this is enough reason for depression. For me depression is a deep sadness, often from the past that has not been addressed. Combine the existence of this sadness from the past with major stresses in the presence and the depression becomes acute, expressing itself in a variety of symptoms.

I found in my years of working with 50+ women that most of them are deeply exhausted due to stress and consequently have a very weak kidney pulse, speaking in acupuncture terms. In Chinese medicine the kidney energy is our primary energy. Kidney depletion is a deep level of exhaustion that can lead to disease – mental, physical or emotional. With this kidney depletion comes an adrenal glands depletion, due to the constant demand of adrenalin. Now the adrenal glands are meant to balance our hormones during menopause, but they will fail to do so because of their depletion and in turn this will cause menopausal symptoms. Can you see the chain reaction that is going on here?

In my style of treatment I address all the stresses with EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping). We cannot remove the stresses, but we can work on our response, our emotional reaction to these stresses. That’s where EFT takes centre stage! EFT is a gentle tapping with 2 fingers on acupuncture points in face and upper body to release the emotional attachments we carry in regards to our issues. Once the emotions are out of the way, we can then respond in a calm and unattached manner to the issue. Next I stimulate the collarbone point, an EFT point (which happens to be a kidney point!) and I also stimulate chakra points. With this I facilitate very deep relaxation and I stimulate the kidneys. This deep relaxation, combined with kidney stimulation and the release of the stress factors with EFT is what makes my sessions so successful. It helps women to regain their strength and brings balance and harmony back into their system.

The 50’s will always bring up stresses, but the knowing that you do have tools and support makes all the difference!

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Effects of Stress when Prolonged Part 1

Effects of Stress when Prolonged

Part 1

Effects of Stress on our Health

The effects of stress when prolonged on our body and well being can be quite distressing. However, these days our life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. Therefore, for many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. It is important to understand the effects of stress and to be able to recognise stress symptoms so we can take appropriate action.

In small doses, it can help you perform under pressure and motivate you to do your best.

The stress response helps you rise to meet your challenges. Stress is what keeps you on your toes during a presentation at work, sharpens your concentration when you’re attempting to achieve your goals, or drives you to study for an exam when you’d rather be watching TV.

But when you’re constantly running in emergency mode, your mind and body pay the price.  To protect yourself from the harmful effects of stress by recognizing the signs and symptoms in time and taking steps to reduce your stress levels.
Stress symptoms may be affecting your health and you might not be aware of it. You may think illness is to blame for that nagging headache, your frequent insomnia or your decreased productivity at work. But stress may actually be the true cause of your problems.
The effects of stress and all it’s symptoms can affect your whole body,  your physical, emotional and mental well being. It can affect your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour. Understanding the most common stress symptoms will enable you to stop and make a decision of how you want to deal with this situation. Stress that’s not being addressed can contribute to health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep patterns, obesity and diabetes and much more.

To be continued…..

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Why the 50 Decade is Such a Stressful Time and How to Deal with all the Stresses Part 15

Why the 50 Decade is Such a Stressful Time and How to Deal with all the Stresses
Part 15


The collarbone is the place where you tell your story. I would like to remind you that stress is the body’s outer expression of some deeper issues. Of course the deeper underlying issues are completely different for every woman. So the point is to identify your deeper issues that you want to talk about while tapping under the collarbone.

When tapping under the collarbone you tell your story, you talk about all your emotions, your stress and your issues and your deeper inner feelings. How does this issue make you feel? Unimportant? Not needed anymore? Disregarded? Old? Unworthy or Undeserving? It is important to talk about these emotions – this is what facilitates the release.

Before tapping under the collarbone, you need to be clear what your deeper issue is. It could be empty nest syndrome, or fear of the future, or maybe you are worried about getting older. Whatever it is you have to identify it and then talk about your feelings in regards to the issue.

After you start talking you will find that words do automatically come to your mind. So just trust yourself and keep tapping.

In the next chapter I will give you an example of what to say when tapping under the collarbone.

To be continued…

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Why the 50 Decade is Such a Stressful Time and How to Deal with all the Stresses Part 14

Why the 50 Decade is Such a Stressful Time and How to Deal with all the Stresses
Part 14


In this blog I discuss my approach to stress and EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping), which is a gentle tapping technique on acupuncture points in face and upper body. Tapping on these points while talking about any emotional issues will then allow for the release to take place. The point is to identify the underlying emotional issue that is causing the stress, if possible to identify any negative belief systems that come with the issue, as well as any negative self talk around this issue.

My Approach – continued

With my holistic approach I  release the stress with all the underlying issues, beliefs, traumas, negative and self talk. I calm down the whole body and all the organs and with that the system can return to a state of harmony and balance.

I have adapted this approach after years of working with clients as a physio therapist and acupuncturist and finally I am able to get to the root of the problem – thanks to EFT!


EFT is a gentle tapping with two fingers on acupuncture points around the eye and under the collarbone.
Words you say while tapping:
Inner eyebrow: I am ready to release and let go.
Outer eyebrow: I am okay to let it go
Under eye: It is safe to let it go

final eft pic


To be continued…

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Why the 50 Decade is Such a Stressful Time and How to Deal with all the Stresses Part 13

Why the 50 Decade is Such a Stressful Time and How to Deal with all the Stresses
Part 13


In this article I discuss the different approaches to dealing with the stress 50+ women are experiencing, starting with relaxation techniques, massages, yoga and diet improvements. I also look at alternative medicine such as acupuncture, homeopathy and naturopathy. Finally I reveal my personal approach that I use in my Soul Level Healing sessions.

When being in a stressful situation it pays to have tools available, as a stressed mind is not necessary able to make great decisions. I would recommend the following tools:


Add relaxation routines to your life: have a regular massage, go for yoga classes, start daily meditation – even if it is a 5 minute meditation only.

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Improve your diet and certainly stop coffee, cigarettes and other stimulants. Hypnosis is a great tool to assist with these addictions.

Alternative Medicine
• Naturopathy
• Acupuncture
• Homeopathy
• Energy Healing

All these modalities are readily available and are excellent for treating the symptoms of stress.

My Approach
In my healing sessions I start with EFT to release the emotional triggers to the stress. Included in this release is the underlying trauma with all the attached negative belief systems and any negative self talk. Next I facilitate deep relaxation by stimulating the heart chakra points and the solar plexus chakra points. I also stimulate the adrenal exhaustion points and kidney points, which are always depleted with stress.

To be continued…

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Why the 50 Decade is Such a Stressful Time and How to Deal with all the Stresses Part 12

Why the 50 Decade is Such a Stressful Time and How to Deal with all the Stresses
Part 12


In this chapter I show you the steps for dealing with the stress. Once again, EFT is the perfect tool to deal with all the emotional triggers of stress. There are also tools such as life style changes that will help to calm down the body.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Tapping
When working with EFT we are exploring the cause of the stress that is experienced. Life will not stop and situations will always come up that we can’t change, however, we can change the way we respond to them. That’s where EFT takes centre stage, because with EFT we release our emotions around the “stressor”.
EFT is a gentle tapping with 2 fingers on acupuncture points in face and upper body. In working through our reaction to the stress we are working through our emotions, any negative attitude to our situation and any negative beliefs around our life. In releasing our emotions, negative beliefs and attitudes, we are then able to respond in a calm and appropriate manner to the “stressor” and will be able to implement any necessary action.
EFT is easy to apply and of course EFT neutralises the jungle of emotions, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. And EFT is free to use and can be done by everybody.

Life style
Positive life style changes are always beneficial for your physical and emotional well being, but essential when dealing with stress. These could be exercise, regular walking or taking up golf. Do something you enjoy. Make room for fun activities in your life.
To be continued…

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